It's simple, really: just order the Handling GTC package, which adds a further layer of decadent performance to the coupe's already inimitable sporting disposition. XXXXL Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes are present, since at this level, neither carbon nor ceramic can get the job done alone. Also look for a stiffer suspension, tires that hug the road in an even more massive way, revised paddle shift tranny software, and, since bigger is always better— larger tires and a louder exhaust. The GTC Handling package fortunately does not compromise the ride quality for which Ferrari is renowned, and nor has the fantastic engine been molested in any way. The V12 still dispatches 515-hp and makes major torque. The GTC Handling option is a bargain, as well, adding a mere £16,500 to a standard 575M's £160,845 price.

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