Despite the inherent awesomeness of the Gallardo Polizia, the sheer speed it can achieve and the number of doodads it's packed with, the fancy paint and E-sequential gearbox, the cruiser gets used fairly infrequently. Autoweek went to Italy to see the thing put to use, but as it turns out, the Gallardo spends a lot of time posing at the Polizia di Stato car museum in downtown Rome, trying to draw police force sign-ups. AW met the patrolmen responsible for the Gallardo Polizia, who are basically celebrities whenever they travel in the car and matching Armani uniforms. The Gallardo Polizia is equipped with a ProVida 2000 digital imaging system, which apparently only works on a small stretch of Autostrada between Salerno and San Reggio, thus undermining the Gallardo's usefulness in terms of actually stopping crime. But it is particularly good at stopping passersby packing camera phones.

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