Despite the predictable punning, the Jeep Rescue should help the struggling auto manufacturer regain a foothold in the ultra-competitive SUV market. The large, muscular, metallic pea-green vehicle, introduced at this year's Detroit Motor Show, will be the second Jeep ever with room for seven, following the old-school Wagoneer of the 1960s. Keeping with the retro theme, the styling cues are largely derived from older military Jeeps, in the form of round headlights, a strong seven bar grille, and exposed hinges all around. Power will most likely swell from a 5.9 liter straight-six. A variable-lift suspension, automatic differential locks and permanent 4WD will make this luxury beast plenty capable off-road as well. Since no one wants to drive anything called Rescue unless they're part of a safety squad, the Jeep will most likely take the title of "Commander." It should compete with the Hummer H2/H3 and Land Rover Range Rover.

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