To counter all the negativity here against Ford it might be a good idea to check in on critics of GM. Business Week says many of the same things about GM that I mentioned about Ford. However, I was talking more about design and direction while Business Week not surprisingly is talking about the bottom line. The Ford F-150 is almost single-handedly keeping Ford afloat while they wait on the new Mustang, Freestyle, 500 and Fusion. GM is waiting on the Pontiac G6 and Chevy Cobalt to pick up the sales of less than stellar vehicles like the Malibu. But I see a lot more attempts at boldness with GM. Sure the GTO is a flop. What did they expect at $30K+? However if the Cobalt is as good as GM says that may boost sales. And the G6 looks like a winner, easily, along with the Solstice next year. And don't forget the resurgence of Cadillac. Who thought that could ever happen? GM may not be as bad off as Business Week thinks but often the bottom line is all that matters.

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