A dude in Illinois was hanging out at the mall. He finished his hanging out and walked back to his car in the parking lot, and along the way, in what would turn out to be a near fatal mistake, he stepped in a piece of discarded gum. By accident. Upon returning to his car, the dude noticed the gum upon his sole. "Hmmmm, I know that gasoline is a fine solvent for gum removal," the dude thought to himself, "now if I could only find some gasoline…aha!" The dude then jammed his fingers into the tank, but the gas level was not high enough for him to obtain any on his fingertips, and his hand became trapped by the one-way flap in the inner part of the tank. The dude was eventually freed about an hour later after firefighters cut his car into pieces. Way to go, dude.
[Via Fark]

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