Including sit in one with four other people for 23 hours a day and for as many days as it takes to outlast the competition. The contest is a promotional event sponsored by the Brevard County Manatees, a minor league baseball team out of Brevard County, Florida, and is taking place under a tent inside their Space Coast Stadium. The contestants will be allowed out of the vehicle for 15 minutes every six hours, and must rely on friends and family to bring them food and any other kind of support they may need. Due to the steamy conditions, the wannabe survivors will be forced to drink a gallon of water a day, which adds to the challenge since bathroom trips must also be accomplished during the 15 minute breaks. The contestants are allowed diversions like books, CDs, and Game Boys, but none of these should distract them from the reality of their lives: they are willing to endure weeks and possibly months of physical and mental discomfort in order to win an eight-year old GEO.

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