In a shocking report of industry sources, Autoweek discovers Subaru might have a hard time trying to go the luxury car route of Lexus, Mercedes etc. Gee, where have I heard that before? Oh on Autoblog when I first discovered the Japanese AWD automaker was attempting to go the way of the VW Phaeton and go upscale. The executives at Subaru are saying they want to be like Audi and BMW. What's wrong with being Subaru? Why not accent the positive? The WRX is slashing through the enthusiast world like a hot sword through butter even with a so-so interior. The new Legacy and Outback models are actually attractive and hard to distinguish from an Acura. What more does Subaru want? The Phaeton is a huge, and expensive, bomb. Learn from VW's mistake people. Make a cool 2-door coupe with AWD in the $20-$30,000 range with a huge hood-scoop, low drag and turbo. That will sell.

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