The new roofless Lambo we told you about some time ago is finally streetable, and the British concern AE has had the foul luck to take one around the block. The roadster looks similar to the coupe, with most of the clean, sharp design elements retained. The scissor-doors are there. The 6.2 liter V12 with unique lift-and-slide engine cover is present. The performance is only slightly off from what the coupe can accomplish, about 0.2 seconds more for a dash to 60 mph, but the handling is that which impresses most. The chassis is tight, turn-in precise and, like the coupe, the roadster is surprisingly nimble for its size. The downsides are a clutchless manual not designed for low-speed crawling, zero rear visibility, and a "roof" that is basically nonfunctional— Lambo says it's for temporary use only and as we previously reported, is only good until 50 mph. Word has it that those rich enough to afford the Murci roadster will also be powerful enough to control the weather, so the roof issue will be irrelevant.

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