Mazda has long been known for cars that are fun to drive— not necessarily because they are fast, but because of superb handling dynamics. Well you can forget about them not being fast anymore, because the big M is preparing a 276-hp Mazda 6 for a mid-2005 entry into the so-called rally wars division that is currently dominated by the Subaru Impreza WRX STi and Mitsubishi Evolution VIII. The above prototype was photographically nabbed testing out the twin-turboed 2.3-liter four cylinder that drives all four 18-inch wheels. What else you should know: the torque produced will be in the 265 lb./ft. range, plus a six-speed gearbox will be standard issue. Dear September: you bring falling leaves, snazzy sweaters, and this speedy 6's debut at the Paris Auto Show, under the MPS or MazdaSpeed appellation. Please arrive soon. Love, Autoblog.

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