If you've cruised by a Shell gas station lately, you may have noticed the big time promotional effort hawking their new fuel V-Power. Called their most advanced fuel ever, V-Power is supposedly capable of cleaning engine parts as it's used, specifically the critical intakes and fuel injectors. According to Shell, V-Power contains five times the minimum amount of cleaning agents required by government standards, and they use a hell of a lot of analogies to demonstrate the benefits: clogged pipes, dirty ovens, cleaning and waxing a car's exterior, etc. Shell's website sets the U.S. octane rating at somewhere between 90 and 93, as V-Power will be replacing their premium grade. I saw V-Power for $2.14 in Massachusetts the other day, which doesn't seem too out of line for high-test. Did I just write "high-test"? What is this, 1955? Although it's easy to be skeptical about "fuel technology" since one is for the most part going on complete blind faith, I'll give it a go on my next fill-up, which is usually at Shell anyway.

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