It's pretty awesome, apparently. Autoweek's Drivers Log currently focuses on the new winged B, and let me tell you, they get over the VW influence, and quickly. The W12 engine is nicked from the Phaeton, but toss a couple of turbos in there, wrap that sucker in one of the most arresting body styles in years, and you've got a winner. Although one onlooker mistook the GT for a Chrysler (embarrassing sidenote: so has the author), there's no denying the fact that most enthusiasts know that the massive coupe is something special. The drive isn't too shabby either: the huge powerplant overcomes the vehicle's substantial heft, for the most part. The accelerates to jailable speeds smoothly and with little drama. The interior is the only place that leaves the AW crew wanting, where its more economical VW partsbin selections are occasionally betrayed.

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