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This weekend I've seen a lot of very cool cars pass me on the road. A few Porsches, a Ferrari Modena, Maserati Spyder etc. But the one that really caught my eye was the first Scion tC I had seen outside of an auto show. It was easy to spot coming in the opposite direction. The wide-mouth grill with Scion logo squarely in the middle was headed right at me like a beacon. I was surprised to see one on the road already here in Chicago and in person it looks like a nice car, similar to the new Honda Accord coupe. But what stuck out most was the Black Cherry Pearl paint. It looked like a color straight out of the 1970s. Black Cherry basically means a dark purple with a touch of red but the application made it looks almost glittery, like something from That '70s Show. Regardless the car may be a huge leap in bringing the coupe back to custom car culture.

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