It's called "+Monster+", and it's owned by Bobby Sims and Sheila Moon of the livery company Extreme Limousine, Inc., based in Huntsville, Alabama. The beast is 40 feet long, 8 feet tall on 37-inch swamp tires, and is based on a 1998 3500 Dually Dodge Ram with a V10. It needs five driveshafts to cover the distance between the engine and the driving wheels. +Monster+ was originally built for a so-called "young millionaire" who had no idea what to do with his money, and Extreme Limo now uses it for weddings, graduations, proms, casino tours, and, you guessed it, NASCAR trips to Talladega. Inside, besides an XBOX and smoke machine, a full wet bar is stocked to capacity, so that you can quickly forget that you blew your hard-earned cash by renting a rolling eyesore that depletes the ozone at a record rate by getting a brutal 5 mpg. Dude, that's so extreme.

[Via Fark]

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