Ok, so not everyone thinks the so-called "waterfall" grille is beautiful, but the exterior revision is only a small part of the rather extensive A6 evolution. The wheelbase has been stretched, and new angular bodywork helps increase the all-important menacing factor. The engine offerings have been trimmed to just two for the United States, a 3.1 liter V6 making 255-hp, and the snarling V8 from the S4, rated at 335-hp. Both motors feature Audi's new fuel injection system called FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection), but U.S. market gas is not currently clean enough to take full advantage of the technology, although it does still show an improvement in fuel economy. The usual bevy of Audi's top-shelf accoutrements will be available, like leather and wood and then more leather on top of that, plus innovations like adaptive air suspension and dynamic headlights. The V6 will fetch around $45,000, and the V8 more than $50,000.

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