In their latest test of the sporty 3s five-door hatchback, R&T finds very little to criticize. The car looks good inside and out— the Sports Appearance Package yields an aggressive and active exterior, and the interior is comfortable and well put together for a car in this segment. While not the swiftest kid on the block, the 3s does well with its 160-hp 4 cylinder that pulls nicely through midrange and up to redline. Shifting is a precise and positive experience, and the R&T crew finds that the car more than makes up for its power shortcomings due to its stellar handling and wonderful steering. Possibly the most charming part about the 3 is its price of entry: a 3i can be nabbed for $13,680, and the 3s as tested starts at $16,895, which isn't bad at all for a car that's practical, good-looking and fun to drive.

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