If you're planning to break down in Italy, keep your reflective jacket handy— because if you break down at night or in low-vis conditions and you aren't wearing your special reflective gear, you may find yourself 138 euros lighter. The law went into effect April 1st in Italy, and a similar law will hit Spain July 24th. According to the bill, any time a driver is outside his or her car, an orange or yellow jacket conforming to a particular European Standard (not just any garish outfit will do) must be worn. Passengers assisting in engine-inspecting or tire-changing must also sport the jackets. The British transport authority has expressed concern that tourists motoring in Italy will just sit in their broken down cars because they don't have the reflective jackets and fear being fined, but experts say the proper thing to do would is get far away from the vehicle in case another car crashes into it.

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