The ME stands for Mid-Engine, the Four-Twelve for 4 turbos and 12 cylinders. The AMG-developed engine will bring unsuspecting dynos to their knees with 850-hp and 850 lb./ft. of torque. Chrysler's goal was to take a no-compromises engine and build a like-minded car around it, and on paper this car is pretty unbelievable, with a better power-to-weight ratio than any other supercar, making one hp for every 3.4 pounds. The 850-hp is working on something that only weighs as much as a Honda S2000. It's still unclear whether the car will actually get built, and when, and then, if it does, whether Chrysler's badge will even be on it, as there's speculation that the ME Four-Twelve could be the next Mercedes supercar. But just in case, maybe you should set half a million aside now so that you can be prepared when that special day arrives— and if it doesn't, that 500 large will make a nice down payment on a Bugatti Veyron.

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