SRT-4Day 1

First impressions of this snarling, turbocharged, 230-hp Dodge Neon include two important factors. First, the exhaust is very loud. It sounds almost like a motorcycle roaring down the street. I'm not quite sure if this would grate on long term owners or become a comforting backdrop to the daily commute. Second, even with the impressive engine, suspension, exhaust and wheels the SRT-4 is still a Neon.

What that entails is an interior that feels dated. The Neon hasn't been drastically altered in a long, long time and it shows. Yes, the SRT-4 has very snazzy gauges plus leather and aluminum-esque touches all around, but there is no escaping the 1990s aura of the dash. Only going by first impressions I do enjoy the shifter. It's quick, easy and ergonomically located. Keep checking in, the next few days on the open road could easily make up for any of the styling miscues.

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