Road & Track has an update on its numerous long-term vehicles, one of which is the lauded Infiniti G35x. The ATTESA E-TS drive system, besides being one of the least tidy acronyms known to man, functions like a rear-wheel-drive car when roads are dry, but seamlessly switches to all-wheel-drive when adverse conditions require it. After 8,179 miles, it's clear that the setup displays the various benefits of the different drive systems, with none of the drawbacks. The tester also appreciated the heated seats, which waste no time in toasting buns, and the relatively user-friendly navigation system. The only maintenance was a $106 scheduled service at 7500 miles, and the replacement of water with antifreeze in the windshield washer reservoir. The G35x sedan features a 260-hp V6, lamentably only available with a five-speed auto. Its delivered price was $37,560.

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