Racing Solutions Inc. is the operation behind the three recently-released packages designed to make the SSR as fast as it looks. They offer three levels of tuning, with the base Z500 package being the subject of Motor Trend's test. The most obvious mod is the removal of the SSR's stock motor and the insertion of a Corvette Z06 engine, which itself is tweaked with stronger rods and pistons. Stainless-steel headers route fumes to a larger exhaust system, and the computer is reprogrammed to optimize power management. The result is a solid 500-hp. Of course more power is never enough power, so RSI also has a Z600 package to produce 600-hp from a 7.0 liter V8. But why stop at 600-hp? Slap an RSI supercharger onto either package and hold the hell on. The Z packages start at $14,900, including a warranty, and the supercharger will tack on about $8500.

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