Day 2-3

If the Kia Spectra is anything it's a workhorse that doesn't demand much attention. In highway traffic and around town the actual act of driving (steering, braking, accelerating) is pretty much forgotten about. The car goes where you point it without much or any difficulty. Sure accelerating on the highway inspires little confidence and on sharp turns feels tipsy. But for the most part it is a commuter car you couldn't complain about. A 6+ foot friend of mine hopped in after a Cubs game the other day and was impressed with the leg and head room. He said it easily beat the Saturn he drives.

I also dig the adjustable seating position of the driver's seat that I think shorter folks will also appreciate. For me I'm driving up high, but those well under my 5'10 height will still have a commanding view of the road. Otherwise the stereo, not surprisingly, squawks and hurts this audiophile's ears. Even the small tweeters fixed into the door handle apparatus offer no help. For my rant on the car's sticker price check out my first day in the Spectra.

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