Just let the elaborate joke play itself out, OK? I promise it'll be worth it. Ford is getting ready to drop what is being called one of the most anticipated Mustangs ever. The old school chassis has been tossed in the dustbin so that more sports car-ish underpinnings can get to work, although a solid rear axle is still the weapon of choice for putting its healthy power down to the ground. A 4.6 liter V8 drives the GT model, but this time it's made of aluminum and uses a new cylinder head configuration to supply 300-hp and 315 lb./ft. of torque, so that your passengers will look like they belong on Headbanger's Ball. A wussier 4.0 liter V6 is the base engine and carries 100 fewer ponies. The interior will be a retro/throwback/vintage situation, but fabricated from modern materials. For instance: an aluminum-trimmed steering wheel, chrome air vents, and an optional package that uses red leather not sparingly at all. The top-shelf audio system plays nice with MP3s and brings 1,000 watts of total power, which should prove useful for cranking Megadeth while speeding through your sleepy small-town neighborhood at 2 in the morning.  

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