Dan Hill, El Presidente of Sensory Logic in St. Paul, MN, is a professional face analyst, an expert at determining the subconscious messages behind expressions. Hill usually works with marketing firms and political candidates, but recently he's helped Toyota and other boring, characterless companies figure out how consumers respond to different kinds of front fascia styling. Hill tackles four current vehicles and breaks it down for us: A MINI Cooper exhibits "surprise"; a Chevy Silverado screams "anger"; the new Buick Terazza suggests "disgust"; and the Lexus ES330 portrays "happiness". Different car companies use different fascia strategies— i.e., Honda claims that it does not interpret a car's front explicitly as a face, and they try not make a car portray a certain expression. Meanwhile, Nissan says they don't mind associating frontal styling with facial structure, which may explain why most of their cars look like people with severe orthodontic problems.

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