BMW's M division has worked over the standard 1-series to create a sporting hatchback that will compete with VW's GTI. The 125i will use of a 2.4 liter four cylinder (as opposed to the base model's 1.6), make turning and stopping a breeze with performance-oriented suspension and brakes, and be decorated will larger wheels and a fancy new bodykit. This compact hot hatch will be the fastest small Bimmer, capable of blistering 7-second 0-60 times, at least until the 300-hp M2 purportedly materializes two years from now. The 125i Sport will fetch £22,000 in the UK, roughly £6000 more than the entry level 1-series. No pictures are available just yet (above is the plain vanilla version of the 1-series), but stay tuned to Autoblog— we'll be all over those 125i images as soon as they come out.

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