The blokes at Autoexpress were lucky enough to take a spin in this £2 million RR 100EX one-off prototype, which is based on the Phantom's aluminum chassis. Despite the  relatively light material, the 100EX is a most substantial piece, weighing in at 2,495kg (roughly 5500 lbs.), and that's without a roof. An unbelievable 9.0 liter V16 lurks in the engine bay, possibly pushing 600-hp, although the exact power numbers are still classified. Not surprisingly, the build quality is otherworldly, and the car feels incredibly stable at all speeds, with no evidence of vibration or cowl shake. The "robust" exterior composed of a high shoulder line and 21-inch wheels for a look that Rolls says will appeal to the "gentleman-racer." Autoexpress sees the masculine styling as an attempt to compete with its ex-sister firm Bentley.

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