This just in, courtesy of the Dallas Morning News: despite having to pay 43 cents more per gallon this year, consumers are still on a breakneck gas guzzler-buying pace that will add up to 2 million more SUVs and pickups sold this year. The reason, apparently, is that rich people don't care about gas prices. Well, maybe not just rich people, exactly. However, most people who buy big trucks and SUVs are doing pretty well for themselves, typically coming from $100K+ households; thus, while these consumers may be more conscious of fuel costs, they aren't going to be deterred altogether from driving the latest behemoth-on-wheels. Joe Average's family will spend $300 more this year on gasoline, but when measured against the cost of a $30,000+ car, the relative ownership cost is only about one percent, which for Kent Warbucks' household is total chump change.

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