General Motors has released a line of 20-inch wheels, (called "dubs," if you've lived in a remote Andean cave with no cable TV or Internet for the last five years) that can now be specced for its full-size pickups, and which will be available for its cars and SUVs later this year. GM's angle is that while they may not be the hippest wheel maker on the block (that honor goes to whomever makes those 13-inch hubcap spinners), they know a lot about how larger wheels can affect a vehicle's ride and handling; while gargantuan wheels may look terrific (to some), they also increase braking distance, add unsprung weight, and yield a harsher ride. The wheels are custom-designed for each GM vehicle and are meant to preserve natural handling characteristics, while also maintaining the functionality of the speedometer, odometer, ABS and tire-pressure monitoring systems.

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