Mercedes, BMW and Porsche made them popular in the luxury market, and now even Saturn as a high-performance SUV. GM is working on a Trailblazer SS for 2006, equipped with a 345-hp Corvette engine and major suspension tweakery that will share parts with the Saab 9-7X. And instead of testing the T-blazer by taking it over rocks and streams, GM is flogging the concept at the Nurburgring. Plus Jeep, which touts all of its vehicles as "Trail Rated", is considering the viability of a Grand Cherokee SRT, from the same tuning team that produces the Viper SRT and Dodge Ram SRT. Chrysler's VP of global sales, Joe Eberhardt, doesn't think that "a couple of thousand SRT Jeeps will destroy the overall imagery and trail-rated capability of the Jeep brand." He then goes on to admit that any high-performance Jeep variant will be essentially useless off-road, because on-road performance and off-road capability can't really be packaged together. He makes it sound as if this mutually exclusivity is something that even the least-perceptive human doesn't already know, to which I say, THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.

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