I don't have the answer, OK? The car's not even out yet. So don't get mad at me. I'm just using Edmunds' preview to generate a little interest in the G6, which is one of the few Pontiacs that doesn't make me nauseous due to heavy overstyling. The G6 is clean, simple and assertive, and in the GTP configuration with a 240-hp V6 and six-speed box, it should move pretty well, too. And yes, of course, there will be lesser engines: a 170-hp Ecotec four cylinder and a 200-hp V6 for the GT model. A nifty four-part panoramic sunroof will be an option, as will larger wheels— but not large enough to make you eligible to join the East Coast Ryders. The sedan will grace showrooms this fall, with a coupe and convertible to come at some indeterminate future point.

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