As silly as the above imploring sounds, an article in the State Journal-Register out of Springfield, IL thinks that the hardest part of being prepared for a roadside emergency is motivating yourself to actually get off your ass and put the kit together. But once you're off of said ass, the procedure is none-too-difficult. The kit should include jumper cables, various screwdrivers (insert OJ + vodka joke here), a pair of pliers, a flashlight, duct tape, and a can of tire sealant. Also helpful is something which cannot fit in any physical kit: knowledge. I.e., knowing how to change a tire by operating the jack correctly and how to reinstall the lugnuts in the proper criss-cross pattern. And the kit should not only contain tools; in winter months, a snow shovel, ice scraper, traction mats and a heavy blanket should be tucked away, plus some food rations and matches. Perhaps the most essential component of a solid roadside emergency kit— a cellphone with great coverage so you can call someone to bail you out.

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