A bunch of famous NASCAR guys drive Chevrolet Monte Carlos, including Dale Earnhardt, Jr. You can drive one too, sort of. Until this year, the Monte Carlo was hampered by a distinct dearth of sportiness, especially in the horsepower department. Chevy listened to the complaints, and tries hard to make amends: they've bolted on a supercharger that helps the V6 create 240-hp and 280 lb./ft., the ride height has been lowered and spring rates stiffened and the whole suspension has been bolstered by more robust anti-roll bars. And don't neglect the myriad cosmetic touches that refuse to let you forget the supercharged nature of the car. The vehicle is quick and stable and presents an excellent bang-to-buck ratio with a pricetag of $28K. The only frowns are evoked by an uninspired interior and less than beautiful exterior, but then again, no one every accused NASCAR vehicles of being beautiful. And their interiors are pretty much crap, too.

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