The Big E calls it "one of the best all-around sport hatchbacks you can find, and for less than $20,000 to boot." Of the many positive attributes, the standouts are a Cosworth-engineered 170-hp 2.0 liter engine, spectacular handling and road feel that do not compromise comfort, outstanding brakes, and optional luxury features like HID lamps and Recaro heated leather seats. Another bonus is the hatchback's roominess, which although ostensibly small on the outside can easily convey four adults or with the rear seats folded help you bring home 28 cubic feet worth of cargo. Besides the "idiosyncratic" dash, the Focus SVT has a strong, angular aesthetic sensibility that well-complements the sharp handling. The terrible news: 2004 is the last year for the Focus SVT, as 2005's redesign nixes the enthusiast hatch in favor of an ST-branded  sedan that almsot matches the SVT's performance, but just doesn't maintain the "total package" feeling that the SVT exhibits.

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