In order to better mix it up with lower-priced competitiors, Audi is bringing a 180-hp front-wheel-drive only TT to the United Kingdom. The standard equipment includes a sensible mix of sport and luxury: 16-inch wheels (dude, sixteens are so 1997), climate control, ESP and an interior appointed with leather and Alcantara (suede) textures. The base coupe will fetch £20,725, and you can tack on £1500 for a Tiptronic automatic gearbox. The move comes in response to the fact that rival coupes like the Mazda RX-8 are offering the same level of performance and (some might say) style at a less than premium cost. There are also those who may say an Audi without Quattro is sacriligeous, but the slight loss of soul is important, so that the brand that implores you to "never follow" may actually "keep up."

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