A story out of the San Diego Union-Tribune details what rich kids are driving these days. I grew up in an affluent town in South Florida so I know this isn't a totally new trend. While I drove a beat up Ford to school, that I loved, most kids had new cars and even a few drove luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes. But today I see more and more high schoolers in the Chicago suburbs in cars I myself couldn't afford. This story details why the kids of baby boomers are getting everything they want. Yes, it looks like the car in this picture is a new M3. My main thought though is the faulty reasoning for buying new full-size SUVs for kids is to keep them safe. A gigantic Suburban or X5 isn't an ideal first car. Give all the kids a Volvo S40 if you want them to be safe. If they're in an SUV they're more likely to hit someone else than be hit. And the power a M3 puts out might be more than a 16 year-old can handle.

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