In a move to gain more international debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show, organizers have decided to move the dates from late December to late November starting in 2006. This does two things. It enables more overseas automakers to heavily invest in the show while drastically reducing the number of premieres (like the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve shown here) likely displayed at the Detroit show in early January. One thing the story does not point out is that on the Los Angeles Auto Show official website they state 2005's show will be Jan. 7-16. Detroit's International Auto Show takes place Jan. 15-23 2005. Now that's crossover.

Obviously Asian automakers like Kia are overjoyed by the 2006 move, but I was shocked to read that Chrysler would consider debuting vehicles in L.A. over Detroit because of the earlier timing. I don't care how great a test market California is, if you're a Detroit automaker, debut your cars in Detroit.

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