23 year-old Lance Champion (I swear that's his real name) recently pulled in behind Deputy Lt. Stan Hillis across from the local jail in order to inform the Deputy that he had been speeding. Champion's manner of informing was such that by the end of their conversation, he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, and resisting and evading arrest. Lance's mother Janice came down to bail her son out, but after a bit of a melee ended up being hit with the same charges as her son. Finally, Hal Champion arrived from church (again, not making this up) to straighten things out, and made a scene which could only be resolved with him being Tasered and then tossed in the clink as well. The Champions' lawyer claims the deputies acted inappropriately, and not surprisingly, the sheriff asserts his men were simply doing their job.

[Via Fark]

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