Day 5

My final day in the Equinox involved more around town errands including trips to a few more parking lots. If your driving life involves commuting and running errands I've experienced the perfect 5-day test. The Equinox is a work horse but also drove me nuts trying to park. Even in large parking lot spaces it took a number of tight turns of the wheel to get the SUV where I wanted it to go. After a few reports this might sound like a repetitive complaint, but I see the steering as the number one fault of the vehicle. Friday, USA Today's James R. Healey wrote his full review of the Equinox and agrees. All the pluses of the SUV like the versatile storage system, decent stock stereo, quiet ride and low sticker price are overshadowed by the lackluster steering. After a week of wrestling with it I'm glad the Equinox is heading back today.

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