Day 3-4
After a few days of city driving, the Equinox hit Friday rush hour traffic on the highway. Its size and formidable looking grill came in handy when merging with traffic and the ride was surprisingly comfortable. On the way home from a concert we took a scenic drive along the lake where even more surprisingly the Equinox handled sharp corners much better than expected. This morning was another long highway drive out to the suburbs and it became apparent that this SUV is a great open-road warrior. The cabin is quiet and the ride is remarkably smooth at high speeds. Unfortunately, once it hits a parking lot the steering weaknesses are again revealed. Turning requires too much effort for any every-day driver and makes us wish for some more open road.

Two problems we discovered over the last 24-hours were a passenger seat that was finicky about reclining and an annoying beeping when we turned off the car's engine. The car beeps regardless if the lights are on or off each time you take the key out of the ignition. One time the beeping got stuck and wouldn't stop chirping even after the door was closed. I had to restart the engine and then turn it off again for it to stop. At that point I was pretty happy I didn't own the SUV and someone else would have to take it to the shop.

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