The Ford Focus has been treated to a subtle restyling for 2005, a "new edge" if you will, but the edge is does lose is the speedy and nimble hatchback SVT iteration. The 2005 Focus does however appear in ST guise, which provides SVT-esque performance in a more sedate package. The 170-hp Zetec has been chucked in favor of the Duratec four that puts out only 151-hp but adds a scant 0.2 seconds to the SVT's 0-60 time. The power is produced in a more relaxed manner, but the ST still makes for an engaging drive due to the point-and-shoot handling facilitated by a stiff, competent chassis. The exterior sheds some of the outgoing Foci's angularity, and the interior has likewise been toned down, although it still retains special fake carbon fiber trim which screams "weight savings." Overall, while the ST may not operate best when pushed to the limit, where the SVT was most comfortable, it still measures up performance-wise and represents the growing maturity for the entire Focus line.

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