The gasoline-electric Ford Escape Hybrid will command a $3,000 premium over regular gas-only Escapes, with the cleaner compact SUV MSRPing at $26,380.  Of course, in order to get into the four-wheel-drive model, you'll have to shell out more, about $28K plus destintaion and delivery (which is probably what most people will end up doing— shelling out, that is, since isn't 4WD the reason most people want an SUV anyway? So, seriously, what's the point of even selling a non-4WD model besides being able to project a lower MSRP and in effect trick the unsuspecting car-buying, Earth-saving public?). Ford claims that the Escape Hybrid is the world's most fuel-efficient SUV, with recent real-world tests indicating that it averaged a combined 33 mpg.

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