Internationally speaking, it's the second most popular auto racing discipline after Formula 1, but mention rally racing in the United States and you'll probably get a lot of blank stares. Both Ford and Mitsubishi have large stakes in the WRC (World Rally Championship), but they are ignoring the more grassroots U.S.-only ProRally series organized by the Sports Car Club of America. Motor Trend's article examines the various factors hindering rallying's popularity in the States, like the oftentimes obscure race locations. While recent years have brought rally video games and the street legal rally cars Subaru WRX STi and Mitsubishi Evolution VIII to the U.S., car makers just don't see any reason to pour money into the sport for our market. Another thing apparently holding rallying back is NASCAR. People wrongly assume the 700-hp vehicles simply dwarf rally cars' mere 300-hp in terms of racing excitement. Seriously, a 300-hp AWD beast whipping through the woods and the desert, catching air and drifting around corners? Who would ever want to watch that?

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