Yes, the 550 is the type of Porsche James Dean was driving when he, well, you know. The 2004 Special Ed Boxster packs an unheard-of seven more horsepower into a standard S's 257-hp powerplant, and it also gives you a short shifter, a weird-looking exhaust, lower suspension and a bunch of little cosmetic touches that complement the metallic silver paint. Only 1953 (the year the 550 was introduced) of these $60,000 babies will be made, and 1453 of them will be destined for non-U.S. locations. I know what you're thinking: if the 550 came out in 1953, wouldn't 2k4 mark its 51st anniversary? The peeps at Porsche say nope, as the car made its official racing debut in 1954, after being introduced a year earlier at the Paris Motor Show. Obviously.

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