passat wagon tdi day 4Day 4

On the last full day with the Passat Wagon we took it through those real world paces any advertising executive would be proud of. On Sunday morning it was the shuttle to a large Chicago art fair. The Passats' seats were already folded flat in case something caught our eye. Then we drove back to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants and ate lunch outside. In the afternoon it was a trip to Home Depot to get new gas for the grill and other assorted necessities. Throughout the warm summer day the car's air conditioning was as cold as the arctic and almost instantly chilled the cabin. This isn't just a mere mention, the A/C was top-notch and those in warm climates would definitely be appreciative. Except for squeezing into parallel parking spots the car was a perfect errand runner. And we'll admit most drivers won't have to worry about city parking. Tomorrow we'll give a complete wrap-up of all our hang-ups with the diesel engine underneath the hood of this practical package.

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