In the early 1980s, Tom Selleck played Magnum P.I. in the eponymous series and introduced Ferraris to millions of American couch-dwellers. Magnum favored one particular Ferrari, the 308, which subsequently became Ferrari's sales leader. Although the 308 was regarded as entry-level, it is still a pretty awesome machine, with timeless Pininfarina styling and superbly visceral handling. While not blisteringly quick, the V8 pulls hard, makes the appropriate sounds, and takes the car to 60 mph in a little over seven seconds. The interior remains tasteful and comfortable, and the extremely heavy clutch betrays the still somewhat rudimentary state of high performance gear-changing technology at the time. You can pick up a 308 these days for around $35,000-$40,000, but remember, when you're going undercover, leave your bushy mustache and loud Hawaiian-print shortsleeve button-ups at home.

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