If you haven't checked out the redesigned Volvo S40 sedan yet because the kids keep asking to see Shrek 2, again, it might be time to look into what Volvo is preparing in the wagon family. The company announced pricing for the 2005 V50 Sportswagon today and the line-up includes the basic 2.4i $25,660, a turbocharged V50 T5 $27,260 and an all-wheel drive T5 $28,910. These are all of course base prices and options like power moonroofs and leather are extra. Like the S40 sedan, the standard 2.4i's normally aspirated engine pumps out 168-hp while the turbo T5 produces a much more manic 218-hp and features an optional 6-speed transmission. Plus it looks good. You'll just have to wait until July to get your hands, and unfortunately your kids' hands, all over it.volvo V50 prices

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