And no, I don't mean they're encouraging you to wander aimlessly from town to town, from one dead-end job to another. Automotive drifting involves purposely skidding and fishtailing a vehicle around a racetrack, maintaining sideways-slides for as long as possible. The sport originated in Japan but has recently been perceived as "really, really cool" in the U.S. So Pontiac is trying to take advantage by pitching a highly-driftable custom GTO at the U.S.-only Formula D drift series. What helps this car come unstuck from the track? It's lighter, with a much stiffer suspension, and is fitted with an ultra-quick steering rack. And the most important quality, found in all good drift cars, more horsepower. The engine has about 100 ponies on the stock model. The GTO's tuner, Rhys Millen, says he could transform a regular GTO into a drifter for about $25,000.

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