USA Today recently conducted their own survey that deduced rental car companies' quotes on local prices of a gallon of gasoline are highly exaggerated. If you haven't rented a car lately a new "service" companies offer is to charge a slightly inflated rate for gas to get you to prepay for your tank. Then you won't have to make a last second stop at a gas station to top off on the way back to the airport to avoid the long established, exorbitant charge for returning on an empty tank. They sucker you into this service by saying "why pay $2.50 for a gallon of gas when we'll fill it up for $2.40 if you pay ahead of time?" USA Today uncovers the local prices posted at the rental terminals are much higher than the city averages. But the price Hertz, Enterprise etc. actually charges for the gas is still only slightly higher, in one case much less, than those real averages. Sounds like USA Today needed to validate the money they spent conducting that survey.

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