Days 3-5

Over the past three days I can officially report that the Electric Lime color still has not grown on me, or anyone else. Anytime I pull up to a booming car at a stop I shrink into the captain chair front seat. Why can't automakers give journalists a normal color on test cars? But with all this negativity given to the vehicle's looks there had to be some journalistic balance. After pulling up into the lot at work I took a walk around the modified SUV. The profile of the Vue is actually well done and has a noticeable swoop from the front fender to the second set of doors. The color matched body extensions on the front and rear look awkward in green but the black production photos show that the designers weren't simply aping tuner style. The large wheels are also nice enough to keep stock instead of finding a set of aftermarket 20s. All this attention to detail though doesn't change the fact that this car costs $27,000 with the Red Line package. That seems like a lot of dough for a car that would still need serious interior work if a real tuner wanted to call it his own. Read Day One & Two.

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