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Day 1
The "electric lime" Vue Red Line is dropped off at work just before lunch. I hadn't even taken a bite out of my sandwich when I get the first "Is that your car for the week? Man it's ugly," comment. It won't be the last. On the way home from work I pull into a city grocery store with a tiny parking lot. Three tight turns later I'm in. But I'll admit it's a small spot for any car. A beat-up, rusting, early 1990s Toyota, lowered and complete with an aftermarket exhaust drives by with the passenger hanging out to get a look at the Lime Hulk I just parked. He won't be the last.

First day driving impressions leave us perplexed. The high-riding position — which is usually so alluring to SUV buyers — is non-existent. The captain's chair of a front seat also puts you in a lounging position by default, so even if you want to drive fast it looks like you're cruising the strip. Otherwise the 250-hp engine has great power for something this heavy.

Note: The pictured Vue Red Line here is from Saturn's website. Next time we'll prepare more and take pictures of the actual test car. Needless to say the black paint looks much more reasonable than the Electric Lime of the test vehicle.

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