The much-anticipated Ferrari 420/430 Monza, due to take over when the 360 Modena bags off in mid-2005, has finally been snagged in complete protoype form, after three years of test mule sightings. The Pininfarina design team has incorporated numerous Enzo-ish touches, like a more dramatic nose, vertically-stacked headlights, and taillights pushed to the rear's top edge. The 420 designation suggests that the vehicle will make use of Ferrari's 4.2 liter V8, although it is also being reported that the Big F has registered the name "F430" in some markets. No redesigned Spyder mock-ups have been spotted yet, although it is rumored that it will debut about a year after the coupe, along with a street-legal racecar reminiscent of the "Challenge Stradale" edition.  Photo copyright Brenda Priddy from

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